Pleroma patch release: 2.2.1

Pleroma 2.2.1 is patch release that fixes a few backend bugs.

On the frontend side we’ve got a long list of improvements in this release.

Most noticeable changes are moving the “external source” under the ellipsis button. Speaking of buttons, many of them have much more generous hitboxes for better mobile use and they should be much more accessible for keyboard navigation plugins.

One cool new feature is enabling use of flat colors for the background. For users you can use it by removing your own personal background and making sure in general settings that you’re not using instance default background. For instance admins that want to use the flat color by default, you can just remove the background image on your instance.

The emoji reactions have major improvements as you can now input emoji directly into the field, the ordering of the emoji is better and it includes some emoji that were previously missing.

Upgrade notes

  1. Restart Pleroma

Frontend changes




Backend changes


— lain, shp