Pleroma is a free, federated social networking server built on open protocols. It is compatible with GNU Social, Mastodon, and many other ActivityPub and OStatus implementations.

The project consists of several components: Pleroma is the server implementation, and comes bundled with PleromaFE, the default frontend. Other useful utilities are also provided, such as an ActivityPub relay.

For a friendly introduction to Pleroma and the Fediverse, read What is Pleroma?


Pleroma-FE is the single column user interface bundled with Pleroma.

  • Detailed theme system
  • NSFW attachment hiding
  • Keyword filtering
  • Your own custom emoji!
  • Standalone, can be run in parallel with other interfaces
  • The best and latest in conversation view technology


  • High-performance
  • Light memory usage
  • Simple to deploy
  • Runs on a Raspberry Pi
  • Speaks ActivityPub and OStatus protocols
  • Provides Twitter API and Mastodon API

Technical stuff

Our latest release is v1.0.0. Read about it here.

Pleroma source code and bug tracker are located at the project GitLab.

The backend is built with Elixir and Phoenix, using PostgreSQL as the database.

PleromaFE is written in javascript with Vue.js.

All Pleroma components are free software.

Other helpful resources