Free and open communication for everyone. Pleroma is social networking software compatible with other Fediverse software such as Mastodon, Misskey, Pixelfed and many others.

For a friendly introduction to Pleroma and the Fediverse, check The Big Pleroma and Fediverse FAQ and read What is Pleroma?

Getting Started

Start using Pleroma by joining an existing Pleroma instance or check the installation guide to setting up your own server.

About Pleroma

You can check for the latest release via the Announcements.

Pleroma is free software, all development and issue tracking happens over at the project's GitLab instance.

There are multiple frontends to use with Pleroma to suit all kinds user preferences:

  • Pleroma FE, our 'official' highly customizable frontend.
  • Soapbox, a simple easy to learn and use alternative.
  • Masto FE, a Pleroma focused fork of Mastodon's multi column frontend.


You can contact us via email at